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2022-06-25 04:18:05 By : Ms. Bobby Qian

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Introduce how to remove and replace the Chisel for HMB hydraulic breaker.

How to remove the chisel?

Frist, open the tool box in which you will see the pin punch ,when we replace the chisel, we must need it.

With this pin punch, we can take the stop pin and rod pin out in this way.when these rod pin and stop pin are out, now we can take the chisel freely.

Do you want to see the rod pin and stop pin clearly? Here are them.

Above steps are for us to disassembling the chisel out of the body, now we start to install the chisel again.

1、Insert the chisel into the body of hydraulic breaker, be sure that the notch on the chisel is in the same side as the rod pin.

2, Partially insert the stop pin into the hammer housing,

3, Insert the rod pin with the groove toward the top of the hydraulic breaker, hold the rod pin from the bottom.

4, Drive the stop pin until the rod pin is supported.

Today let me show you how to change the breaker frequency .There is an adjusting screw directly above or on the side of the cylinder in the breaker, the breaker bigger than HMB1000 have the adjusting screw.

First: Unscrew the nut on top of the adjusting screw;

Second: Loosen the large nut with a wrench

Third: Insert the inner hexagon wrench to adjust the frequency: Rotate it clockwise to the end, the strike frequency is the lowest at this time, and then turn it counterclockwise for 2 circles, which is the normal frequency at this time.

The more clockwise rotations, the slower the strike frequency; the more counterclockwise rotations, the faster the strike frequency.

Forth: After the adjustment is completed, follow the disassembly sequence and then tighten the nut.

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