Komatsu expands the range of hydraulic breakers

2021-11-25 03:39:17 By : Ms. Cathy Shen

Komatsu's new JMHB-V breaker series can help customers obtain excellent impact energy and performance in a variety of demolition applications.

Breaking hammers are used in a variety of rock and concrete demolition applications, from expanding tunnels to running foundation arms on quarries or demolishing reinforced concrete abutments. They are essential tools. Komatsu's new JMHB-V breaker series has been designed and tested to be compatible with Komatsu excavators from PC210 to PC490, helping customers to obtain excellent impact energy and performance in various demolition applications.

High productivity and efficiency Komatsu's 100% hydraulically driven V series breaker adjusts impact force and frequency with minimal energy waste and higher operating efficiency, up to 16 working positions, to meet the requirements of most applications. The breaker is designed to help maximize productivity while helping to reduce cost per ton. It is also equipped with an innovative energy-saving recovery valve that can recover energy to improve efficiency.

Fully variable technology According to the applied hardness, the V series breaker automatically selects the best piston stroke length and speed. By adjusting hard materials (have a long and powerful stroke) or softer materials (have a shorter and faster stroke), the breaker can achieve high output while almost no impact energy is wasted.

Valuable standard features To help owners get more benefits from their investment, Komatsu’s V series breakers have several valuable standard features, including automatic lubrication, advanced blank ignition protection, rotating hose joints and heavy-duty housing. The shock absorption system in the form of upper and lower suspension helps reduce the risk of cracking of the excavating boom and the breaker shell, and the standard automatic lubrication function installed helps to prevent pollution caused by dust and debris.

Controlling vibration and noise In order to improve operator comfort, a suspension with rubber/polymer components helps to absorb shocks and reduce vibration through the boom. Compared with open circuit breakers, the completely enclosed sound-proof enclosure reduces the amount of noise generated, providing customers with solutions to solve noise regulations in urban applications.

Equipped with reliable performance In order to support the regular maintenance of the circuit breaker, an inspection kit is provided with the measuring tool to measure the wear of all key components. In addition, these breakers are supported by Komatsu's North American Accessory Department, which is a dedicated hydraulic accessories sales and service team that provides support to Komatsu dealers. These experts are factory-trained and have extensive experience in installation, operation, service and reconstruction.

Learn more about Komatsu's full range of hydraulic breaker accessories here.

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