Komatsu expands circuit breaker products by launching new V series

2021-11-25 03:39:24 By : Ms. Cinzia K

Komatsu is launching a new hydraulic breaker series-JMHB-V breaker series, or "V series". Currently, the company has two models to choose from, compatible with its PC210 excavator, up to PC490.

The V series breaker has 100% hydraulic ignition, fully automatic variable speed and high productivity. In addition, according to Komatsu, these new breakers will help customers obtain outstanding impact energy and performance in a variety of demolition applications.

Komatsu's 100% hydraulically driven V series breaker adjusts its impact force and frequency with minimal energy waste and higher operating efficiency, up to 16 working positions to meet the requirements of the application. In addition, the circuit breaker has an energy-saving recovery valve that can recover energy to improve efficiency.

According to the applied hardness, the V series breaker automatically selects the appropriate stroke length and speed. Therefore, the breaker can achieve high output with almost no wasted impact energy.

Komatsu V series circuit breakers come standard with automatic lubrication, advanced blank ignition protection, rotating hose joints and heavy-duty housing.

In terms of prolonging the service life, the upper and lower suspensions of the machine's shock absorption help reduce the risk of cracking of the excavating boom and the breaker shell. In addition, the standard automatic lubrication function helps prevent contamination caused by dust and debris.

According to Komatsu, the V-series suspension uses rubber/polymer components to help absorb shocks and reduce vibration through the boom.

In addition, by completely enclosing the sound-proof enclosure, Komatsu aims to reduce noise generation compared to open circuit breakers. Therefore, to provide customers with solutions to solve urban environmental noise regulations.

In order to support the regular maintenance of the circuit breaker, Komatsu provides inspection kits and meters for measuring the wear of key components. In addition, these breakers are supported by Komatsu's North American Accessory Department, which is a dedicated hydraulic accessories sales and service team that provides support to Komatsu dealers. According to Komatsu, these experts have factory training and experience in installation, operation, service and reconstruction.