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2021-11-25 03:41:12 By : Ms. Ellen Cheung

Komatsu’s JMHB-H attachment is an accumulator-type hydraulic breaker, suitable for various rock and concrete demolition applications. Photo: Komatsu

Komatsu is expanding its product line of hydraulic breakers to meet the growing demand in North America.

Komatsu excavators are designed and tested to be compatible with Komatsu excavators from PC78 to PC490. Komatsu stated that its breaker’s high impact efficiency and unique variable energy technology are designed to provide high output in a variety of applications.

In order to protect the circuit breaker, the carrier and the operator, Komatsu has built-in multiple functions and advantages. The breaker has an accumulator to eliminate cavitation in the hydraulic pump to prevent flow back to the carrying hydraulic oil tank. Komatsu said that by recovering high-pressure oil internally, more energy can be obtained at a lower flow rate, thereby reducing hydraulic spikes and protecting the aircraft carrier's hydraulic system.

Komatsu's JTHB-G series has only two moving parts, a hybrid design of hydraulic flow and pressure, and a nitrogen charging chamber that provides amazing energy. The company stated that the tie rod design is specifically designed to provide durability in tough rock and concrete applications.

Komatsu said that in order to extend the service life and durability, a blank ignition protection is provided as standard, and a hydraulic cushion is included at the bottom of the cylinder to reduce metal-to-metal contact. Larger models have special keyway dampers to help reduce excavator vibration and increase operator comfort.

According to Komatsu, the design of the JTHB-G hydraulic breaker means reduced maintenance and the purchase of fewer parts, helping to reduce equipment operating costs.

At the same time, Komatsu’s JMHB-H attachment is an accumulator-type hydraulic breaker, suitable for various rock and concrete demolition applications. Unlike gas circuit breakers, Komatsu said that the JMHB-H series does not require nitrogen charging. They are equipped with an air-fire protection device to help prevent piston movement through hydraulic brakes.

In order to maintain consistent impact in various environments, the sound-absorbing enclosure helps ensure compliance with noise regulations. The breaker protects itself through a pressure regulating valve to prevent overflow, and its damping system helps prevent damage to the excavating boom and cracks in the shell.

In order to use a more powerful breaker on a small excavator, Komatsu said that a single power unit eliminates heavy drawbars to provide a better weight-to-power ratio on a compact excavator, and the installed automatic lubrication function helps prevent dust and debris. Crumbs.

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