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2021-11-25 03:40:35 By : Ms. Jenny Wong

High-performance grease for hydraulic hammers specially formulated for more environmental protection

Sandvik said that their new BIO Tool Grease helps customers cultivate a more environmentally friendly way of operation and provides a "greener alternative" for plant mechanical maintenance. This high-performance grease is the first product in Sandvik's latest green series, and its special formula is more environmentally friendly.

The lithium complex thickening BIO Tool Grease is based on biodegradable esters and PAO, and contains corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants and EP/AW additives based on bismuth technology. Sandvik said that this special formula makes the grease suitable for high and low temperature applications, and provides excellent wear protection and high load carrying capacity.

In addition, the complex soap structure of the grease product ensures good mechanical stability, extends the relubrication interval and improves the performance of the vibration housing.

Easily biodegradable means that BIO Tool Grease can be safely used in underwater applications and environmentally sensitive areas, such as groundwater areas. It is also ideal when operating on city and downtown sites with strict building codes.

BIO Tool Grease provides three capacity specifications: 400g; 500g; and 18kg. The 500g filter element is suitable for Ramlube II automatic tool lubrication device of Rammer, which can easily and quickly replace the filter element.

Jouni-Pekka Hiltunen, Product Line Manager of Sandvik Rock Processing Solutions, said: "When developing this new bio-tool grease, our two most important criteria are environmental friendliness and lubricity, and the new grease perfectly These two criteria are met."

"Hammer applications have very high requirements for grease, and the new grease is very suitable for our Ramlube II automatic tool lubrication system."

Martin Nyström, President of Sandvik Rock Processing Solutions Accessory Tools Division, added: "Sandvik is committed to providing our customers with more sustainable and productive solutions. We believe that sustainability and productivity go hand in hand. As a result. An important step in our green series journey, we are now proud to launch BIO Tool Grease to make our customers choose more environmentally friendly.

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